EUTOPIA is the first European interdisciplinary network of researchers studying the emergence, properties, and impact of topological entanglements in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and material science.

EUTOPIA brings together experts from the aforementioned fields to work on a unified understanding of the topology-related aspects of biological and soft matter. Already at the proposal submission, the EUTOPIA Network comprised more than 40 researchers from 11 different European countries, including 4 ITCs, and involves several of the most productive groups working on the modelling of topological effects in soft and biological matter.

Four renowned experimental labs have joined the Network. The initial Network has 25% female participants, including several leading figures within their respective fields. They act as great role models and mentors for PhD and ECIs, and encourage more female researchers to participate to the activities of the Network. This percentage will be significantly increased by including and coaching female ECIs, with the explicit aim to give them more visibility and responsibility in the scientific community.

EUTOPIA will focus on training PhD students and postdocs through specific schools and workshops, and will place ECIs in positions of responsibility within the Action. The initial network counts 25% ECIs, which are in fact the main force behind the coordination and preparation of EUTOPIA.