Map of the countries participating in EUTOPIA


Action Chair: Luca Tubiana (IT)

Vice-Chair: Franco Ferrari (PL)

Science Officer of the Action: Dr Fatima BOUCHAMA

Administrative Officer of the Action: Ms Gabriela CRISTEA

Scientific Representative of the Grant Holder Institution: Raffaello Potestio (IT)

Grant Holder Institution Administrative Head: Dr. Chiara Toldo

WG Leaders

WG1 Leader: Antti Niemi (SE) Co-leaders: Simon Copar (SI),  Nevena Ilieva-Litova (BG), Myfanwy Evans (DE)

WG2 Leader: Achille Giacometti (IT) Co-leader: Angelo Rosa (IT)

WG3 Leader: Patricia Faisca (PT) Co-leader: Joanna Sułkowska (PL)

WG4 Leader: Davide Michieletto (UK) Co-leader: Dorothy Buck (UK), Aleksandre Japaridze (NL)

WG5 Leader: Gareth Alexander (UK) Co-leader: Slobodan Zumer (SI)

Board Leaders:

Synergy board: Tiina Salminen (FI) and Rui Travasso (PT)

Exploitation board: Ivan Coluzza (ES) and Davide Michieletto (UK)

Dissemination Board: Emanuele Locatelli (AT)

Training Board: Davide Michieletto (UK), Samuela Pasquali (FR), Pawel Dabrowski-Tumanski (PL)

Web Manager: Emanuele Locatelli (AT)

In all committees, emphasis are placed on regional and gender balances.