Sibylla Biotech, is currently hiring 3 to 4 computational physicists/chemists to join its scientific staff (two files profiling the ideal candidates are attached). In addition to these staff positions, in the near future we may also open a few doctoral and post-doctoral positions, within the framework of a collaborative initiative with U. of Trento (Italy), but this further initiative still needs to be finalized and we hope to be able to do so, in the next few months.
We are looking for very talented and motivated young scientists. For this reason, we offer very competitive salaries and we are flexible with the level of seniority. In addition, if a candidate is particularly brilliant, we are not very concerned about his or her specific research background.
Please find below a short description of the Company and an article about Sibylla and its technology and science, which appeared in Nature, last year.

ABOUT SIBYLLA BIOTECH: Sibylla Biotech is a company exploiting its proprietary technology for drug discovery called PPI-FIT (Pharmacological Protein Inactivation by Folding Intermediate Targeting).  PPI-FIT is based on using computer simulations to identify small molecules that can hinder the protein folding process, thus acting as target degraders. The Company is scaling up very rapidly based on the growing confidence in its groundbreaking technology. it has already acquired international recognition: For example, it was selected by Nature among the world 8 finalists of its 2021 Startup Prize (an article appeared in the Outlook section of Nature about Sibylla and its technology is attached).  Within a few months the Sibylla  will include over 20 staff scientists (more than a half of which will be computational physicists and chemists ). So the scientific environment will be thrilling. The company is currently located in Trento (Italy).