Modelling phase transitions in the nucleus

The DNA-Polychrom project aims at designing new models to understand the key physical phenomena controlling chromatin structure and dynamics. The post-doctoral researcher will perform simulations of simple models of chromatin (such as lattice models of chromatin and mobile proteins), using either Monte Carlo or Brownian Dynamics algorithms.

Candidate’s profile – PhD in physics, biological physics, physical chemistry or theoretical chemistry. Strong interest for (1) biophysical problems, (2) computational approaches and numerical simulations.

Salary – 2300-2600 €/month (gross, depending on experience). Funded by ANR for 12 to 15 months. Additional funding may possibly extend the postdoctoral mission.

Location – Sorbonne Université is part of a vibrant academic community in Paris center. PHENIX is a laboratory of Sorbonne U.

Vincent Dahirel, principal investigator for this project,
Maria Barbi, lead of DNA-polychrom ANR project,
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