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Genomes are dynamically re-organised in response to internal and external perturbations for instance during development, ageing, disease, etc. Understanding the fundamentally non-equilibrium mechanisms that regulate genome re-organisation and its plasticity while ensuring robust transmission of genetic and epigenetic information is a key challenge in biology and biophysics for the future.

In this meeting we are bringing together leaders in the fields of molecular biology, chromatin structure, genome organisation and modelling to establish an interdisciplinary community and the basis of a coordinated effort to tackle these outstanding challenges.

This meeting will be part of a training school funded by the COST action EUTOPIA and is composed of 3 separate events:

  1. A training session (“Training the Next Generation of Researchers in Genome Organisation”)
  2. A meeting with invited talks (“4D Epigenome”)
  3. A session with short contributed talks (“Current Challenges in Understanding Genome Folding in 4D”)


Noam Kaplan (Israel)
Marina Lusic (Heidelberg)
Cristian Micheletti (SISSA)
Enzo Orlandini (Padova)
Andrzej Stasiak (EPFL)
Angelo Rosa (SISSA, Trieste)



Magda Bienko (Karolinska, Stockholm)
Antoine Coulon (Institute Curie, Paris)
Cees Dekker (TU, Delft)
Fabian Erdel (CBI Toulouse)
Nick Gilbert (IGMM, Edinburgh)
Jamie Hackett (EMBL Rome)
Martin Howard (John Innes Centre, UK)
Ralf Metzler (Potsdam)
Leonid Mirny (MIT)
Mario Nicodemi (Napoli)
Akis Papantonis (Medical School, Goettingen)
Ana Pombo (Max Delbruck Centre, Berlin)
Wolf Reik (Babraham Institute, UK)
Karsten Rippe (DKFZ, Heidelberg)
Flavio Seno (Padova)
Dave Thirumalai (Texas)


For more information, visit

VENUE: Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti
S. Marco, 2842, 30124 Venezia (tel +39 041 2407755)



We are now welcoming abstracts for posters but we will be able to accept only a limited number of them (~20). A subset of these will be selected to give short contributed talks. We will make a final decision by end of July. PhDs and young career investigators who are members of the COST action “EUTOPIA” will receive financial support from the network.
Please send it by email to entitled “4D Epigenome Venice 2019”.



Davide Michieletto, Enzo Orlandini, Davide Marenduzzo, Angelo Rosa, Raffaello Potestio