Design of new functional smectic liquid crystalline mixtures possessing polar behaviour remains quite highlighted task as those materials are highly requested by industry for specific applications in photonics. This work is devoted to specific practical method devoted to design of functional multicomponent ferro-electric liquid crystalline (FLC) mixtures based on chiral components exhibiting the ferroelectric and antiferroelectric polar order. The self-assembling behaviour, tilt angle, spontaneous polarization as well as dielectric properties of the prepared mixtures have been studied and discussed. The three resulting mixtures exhibit a broad range of the ferroelectric smectic phase, very low  melting point, short helical pitch (below 180 nm) and relatively high tilt angle (about 40 degree). Excellent chemical stability and compatibility of components as well as moderate values of spontaneous polarization add another great deal to these FLCs materials for application in deformed helix ferroelectric mode in photonics and opto-electronics.