The last call for STSMs of the fifth Grant Period and of the Action is now open. This call will award around 6 STSMs.

Since there is little time, we will approve STSMs on a first-come-first-served basis, provided they respect our Memorandum of Understanding and COST rules. In case we receive two or more requests at the same time, we will give priority to ICTs, women, and young researchers, as per our MoU. Labs that have not used, or used less STSMs before will be given priority. 

Important dates
– Applications for STSMs (6 grants, max Eur 2000 each) can be submitted from Feb 5 2023
– STSMs must teminate  before March 25th (last date)
– Reimbursment must be claimed before March 31st. Failure to provide the documentation in time will prevent us from reimbursing the applicant.


The selection of the received applications will be completed by Nov 16th for the first call, and by Dec. 16th for the second call. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The details of the selection criteria can be found on this website at . The procedure for applications must be carried out on the website.

Regarding the application procedure, please refer to information below.

For additional details about the procedure for applying for STSMs on  e-COST and on eligibility requirements you are also advised to check the following relevant COST documents:

1) Grant Awarding User Guides (
2) Annotated Rules For COST Action (
3) Derogation procedure (
Link to the e-COST guidelines (